Elizabeth's story

Winter Light in Wapley Wood - painting watercolour and oil pastel


My work is all about emotional connection - people, landscapes, and animals. I work mainly but not exclusively in oils and watercolour, and my particular passion is portrait painting. 

I am self-taught. My father was an amateur artist, and my grandmother, another amateur painter, was designated as a war artist in Coventry for her sketches after the bombing during World War II.


After a career in arts and heritage management and consultancy I retrained as a counsellor in 2012, working in private practice and for a breast cancer charity. In 2021 I was myself diagnosed with, and treated for, breast cancer. I had to stop working for a while, and at the same time my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. When my own treatment was over, I found that I couldn't return to my counselling commitments fully due to my caring responsibilities but I could manage the flexibility of painting around those demands. At last I was able to develop and seriously pursue my love of painting. As well as the rewards it brings in itself it is a great way of countering other pressures, of processing life and experience. I find it both calming and stimulating, connecting deeply to what matters. 

Portrait painting has become my immediate passion. Connecting with someone through painting their portrait has similarities with the focused presence and interested openness required in counselling. Painting a portrait is just simply a huge joy. 


I live with my husband and two dogs in the area I love best: the beautiful border country between England and Wales, where Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys meet, threaded by Britain's longest monument, Offa's Dyke, at its most spectacular.

Knucklas is not a large village but has a good number of resident artists for so small a place. With its Castle Hill, railway viaduct, rolling countryside and huge skies, it is the perfect place for inspiration and creativity.

The paintings

I am delighted to include some older paintings in the collections for sale, as well as new works. Originals and prints are available. Please note: some older paintings coming to the market for the first time are signed with my maiden name. This is made clear in the descriptions.